Client Support
In addition to order-taking our operators answer a range of queries. In this call, Ed has to find out the ETA of a driver. He pages the driver through our software and waits for a response. If the driver does not promptly respond, the operator calls the dispatchers based in Mount Prospect, Illinois who communicate with drivers via radios.


Customers can change pick-up times, locations and other details with ease through one of our Customer Service Representatives.
Database Development
We provide prompt and efficient order-taking services for customers being picked up from businesses and residences. Our operators contribute to the creation of an extensive database of public places and home addresses by creating profiles for new customers.
In this call, Mark tries to find the passengers profile in the database by inquiring about different phone numbers that could have been used in the past. He promptly provides information on rates and promotes our client’s service by trying to arrange a return taxi from the airport.
Customized Solutions
Our operators build information on customers to facilitate our client’s goal to promote their IVR and online system. We inquire about common pick-up locations, email addresses and phone numbers so that the customer can avail all of the options available through automation.
We are also skilled in taking orders that are paid for by vouchers, a payment scheme that our client uses with certain Corporations and businesses.