CabCall International is an offshore provider of telecommunication and software development services located in the capital city of Pakistan. We provide high-quality customer services and tailor-made software solutions catering to various industry verticals.

Our inbound call center is specialized in customer services, order-taking, software maintenance and development.We specialize in creating powerful, efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients that can be fully customized to meet or exceed the requirements of your business.

Our Business:
Through CabCall’s services you can be assured that we will help you increase the return on your investment due to our large resource pool of professionals, cutting edge technology facilities and infrastructure, telecom connectivity, and the capability to handle a range of services . Our newly developed premises offers a flexible and scalable operating environment that can accommodate dynamic shifts in volume, workload and staffing requirements. Above all, we stress on quality service which can provide you the best answering service experience.

Success Story:
CabCall International is proud to have serviced the largest suburban taxi company in the USA, American Taxi Dispatch Inc. which dispatches to a fleet of over 800 cabs in Suburban Chicago, USA.  CabCall International helped American Taxi Dispatch Inc. to streamline their operations in a cost effective and efficient manner. In addition to providing order-taking services, we also provided support in improving their dispatching software & online ordering systems. Use our expertise to ensure that your calls are managed with precision, 24/7. We specialize in creating powerful, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for our clients and that can be fully customized to meet or exceed the requirements of your business.
Client Testimonial

"Although there are call centers for many industries, and in many places around the world, we could not find one suited to the specific needs of a large taxi dispatching service.  Working with CabCall over the past two years, we were able to evolve and develop a series of techniques to maintain and exceed the quality of call taking and customer service.  CabCall is flexible in working out the scheduling to meet the often complex needs of our 24 hour operation.

They are extremely cost effective, while at the same time maintaining and constantly improving the quality necessary to produce profitable opportunities. Look at the numbers in the Automated Dispatch operator reports to see the results of all our collaborative work."

John Coyne, Owner, American Taxi Dispatch, Inc.